Event Highlights: Wow Day @ Islamic Dharwood Pau Memorial Primary School

On February 24th 2017, we organized a Wow Day for Islamic Dharwood Pau Memorial Primary School. This not only was the very first time that we held an event for over 240 students from an entire school, but was also the debut of our new activity, MiP robot's Delivery Game! In the school hall and classrooms, groups of students competed against each other by placing objects of different weights onto MiP robot's tray and controlling it with Google Blockly in our Kiddo Code app to complete the delivery. In just an hour, students had learnt the very basics of gyroscope and MiP robot's self-balancing theory, and also experienced trial-and-error, the fundamental method of problem-solving!

The essentials: our Kiddo Code app on iPad, a MiP robot, a delivery path and a number of objects to be delivered

Students listening to our tutor's explanation of the game rules

The pinball has been delivered successfully. Now let's try to place a block onto MiP's tray!

MiP the Courier in action

It takes some skills for MiP to turn the corner

One, two, three... let me see how many blocks can MiP handle!